Signatures (or how to create an alt.* newsgroup)

Some resources mentioned in a number of alt.config sigs. A great help if you want to create an alt.* newsgroup.
Most links are (c) -=Hawk=-, The Winged Configger, but he is often Nither and Dither.

But first something else.
Don't send controls if you don't know what you are doing.
Once a control is send, the damage
can not be undone.
And if you do anyway, don't whine. You made a mess that no-one can clean up. Live with it.

> D'uh

Want to propose an alt.* newsgroup?
Browse these links for help: (Brian Edmonds) (Mark Kelly) (David Barr)
Don't copy/ paste. Do your own work. Understand what the link tries to tell you. And please don't use the word "repository".

How Alt Groups Work: How Alt Groups Work+author:BarB
For a Google power search (Text newsgroup Justification)
For a binary newsgroup search (Binary newsgroup Justification) (Limited search, pop-ups, unstable) (also creates NZB's)

!Newgroup controls, in and of themselves, don't create newsgroups!

Some warnings before entering alt.config.
FAQ_how_to_discuss_with_trolls.htm (Big FAQ!)

For information on moderating a newsgroup: (Denis McKeon) (Russ Allbery) (Kent Landfield)

Different hierarchies:
The Free FAQ:
The UK hierarchy:
For WebTV alt.discuss groups:
Other hierarchies:

Newsgroup Propagation Search: (Michael Klaas/William Bagwell/2Rowdy)
The secret of newsgroup creation: (2Rowdy)

Blame 'ratz, you know you want to...

Anyone else want to make changes to my sig? They're $5 each.
ISC maintains a huge archive of control messages. This archive (there are some sister archives) is used as a reference by newsservers worldwide so to assure they all use the same name and syntax for a newsgroup. Some information is also interesting for proponents.
The syntax of the newsgroups file line is given: Group Creation Policies.
The syntax of a control message is explained, especially the syntax of the newsgroup name: Control Message Archive Policies.

Don't propose newsgroups that have archived controls:
Newsgroups file: (allmost complete list of newsgroups and easy searchable) (use Winzip to open)
Locate control (newgroup (with Charter) and rmgroup) messages for a single newsgroup:[hierarchy]/[group name].gz (use Winzip to open)
Locate all newsgroup control messages for alt.*: (could take some time)

Help on newsgroup naming:
Help on newsgroup naming - limitations: paragraph 7.2
[#] Uniqueness of a name component has to be established within the first 14 characters of the component; the rest are ignored on a number of server software packages, for instance B-news and C-news, that are still wildly used. (PJR:-)
would be the same newsgroup on a number of systems.

Some FAQ's on newsgroup naming:

Usenet Standards
RFC850, RFC977, RFC1036, son-of 1036(html), son-of-1036(txt), IETF Usefor drafts, RFC2980, RFC3977

How to tweak MSOE for sending a newgroup message:
Link to a message in Google (Bob Flaminio)

Free alternatives to Usenet:

Text: Mailing list and webforum Mailing list (English language only) Usenet mailinglist thing

Pictures: Store, search, sort and share photos Share pictures with friends using Picasa Host images to share (unstable) Hosting and sharing of images Free video and photo sharing

Video: Upload and share videos Broadcast your videos

Any file type: File storage, upload and link or e-mail Storage to share files (public or friends) Image hosting and file storage e-Mail big files

Peer to Peer:
AnalogX-SimpleServer Software to host a website from your own computer
BitTorrent Usenet message from Steve Leyland on promoting BitTorrents

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